Unexpected success at Praga junior 2005 piano competition

I had allready started hard piano training in 2004, because I really wanted to participate in this international piano competition. I knew, that competition will be very hard, and I wasn’t expecting nothing more than to play in magnificent hall of Lichtenstein palace, to get some interesting and valuable notes from panel, which consisted of renowned players and teachers and to see Prague once again.

But I certainly didn’t expected gaining of honorable mention and award for the best plaied etude of Carl Czerny. I was shocked, especially by the second award, because I wouldn’t rate my playing technique as perfect. Allso comments of panel members were very incentive.

Actually, allso you can become member of honoured panel, because I’m giving here my recording for your listening pleasure. I’ll certainly appreciate any comments.

So what’s here for You:

  • Klement Slavický – balada
  • L. V. Bethoven – sonatina F mol
  • Nora Novotná – Soumrak nad hladinou (loosely translated as dusk at the water
  • Klement Slavický – etuda 2
  • Carl Czerny – etuda 34 op. 299

I wish you enjoyable listenning.

Praga Junior 2005