Yiruma – River flows in you

Well, this song brings me some distant memories. I would like to thank one certain person, who brought this beautyful song to my attention and who gave me motivation to learn it.

After some time, some songs become boring, there is nothing to improve, there is nothing to change, nothing to discover. This is surely not the case. Every time I play this song, it engulfs me totally.

When I play piano, songs are usually quite melancholic and River flows in you exactly fits my style. Here is my interpretation::

River flows in you

3 thoughts on “Yiruma – River flows in you

  1. Vojta

    Krásně hraješ. Máš cit a jde ti to. Jsi génius, doufám v tvé velkolepé úspěchy.

    Yiruma – River flows in you Je moje neoblíbenější klavírní hudba!

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