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Talking Tux – linux for the blind – introduction

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Tučňák mluví / Talking Tux

What comes to your mind when you hear Linux? You imagine screens filled with weird streams of text, which can be understood only by computer gurus? Vildly looking young man sitting behind a terminal, breaking into the most secret places on the internet? And what about fast and secure operating system, which can match up against today’s commercial operating system like Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X? And it’s for free. A lot of traffic has passed through internet since times, when Linux could be used only by professionals or service providers.

I can hear you saying: „Well, that’s nice, but as my memory goes, there hasn’t been any accessibility in Linux. And if there was, it wouldn’t work. That’s of no use to me“. That’s wrong. I have worked with Linux for more than a year and I use it as my primary operating system. I wrote and published this text on Linux.

Maybe you would like to try something new? Do you think that prices of operating systems and assystive software are too high? Do you feel like being controlled or restricted by some big company? What about giving Linux a try? I’ll try to help you in this small series. It will be aimed mainly at visually impaired people, but everyone will find a piece of useful information in it.