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Talking Tux – what is his place in the zoo?

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Tučňák mluví / Talking Tux

Welcome to the second part of this series about penguins. Today, I’ll explain tto you some significant differences between penguin and other animals, such as feared M$. What? What do you say? Ahh, you came here to learn something about Linux? Yes, that’s right, you found the right www address. The penguin is mascot of Linux since its beginning and M$ is rather mocking nick name for Microsoft (MS). Well, I should stop joking and move on, right?

I’m going to talk mainly about differences between Ubuntu (and it’s derivative for disabled people called Vinux) and Microsoft Windows systems, primarily Windows XP, because I worked with this operating system for several years and it is the latest system that I have experience with. Concerning graphical environment, I’m going to talk mainly about Gnome 2, because this is the most accessible in terms of Linux. Let’s go!