Summer news

I have successfully passed my maturita exams, and this means that I have much more time for doing things, that I actually want to do. And I devoted some of my time to this web as well. I have replaced old player for my piano works with a new one, which is based on HTML 5 and should be more accessible for people with screenreaders. If your browser doesn’t support HTML 5, it switches to Silverlight or Flash. Please report any problems.

I have also fixed some problems with older posts, mainly broken playback of music and some misleading information, and I completed some translations into english language.

Stay tuned, because I want to add some more stuff here during summer. I want to write more about Linux for visually impaired. Some recordings of installation and usage of Ubuntu 12.04 will be placed here. This operating system looks very good. And I will try to enlarge my humble and small collection of piano works.

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