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After a longer break caused mainly by my studies at the Masaryk university, I am right back with another episode of this series about Linux accessibility for visually impaired people. If you haven’t read my previous articles in this series, I strongly recommend you to do so, because I assume that you already know information contained in them.

In this part, I am going to introduce you the Unity desktop environment, which is default in Ubuntu 12.04. I say default, because in Linux you can usually choose from several options and desktop environments aren’t exception. Another desktop environments, which are accessible are Gnome Shell, which improved its accessibility in Ubuntu 12.10 and good old Gnome 2, which you might know from previous distributions (Ubuntu 10.10 and is now known as Gnome classic). I am going to cover mainly Unity 2D here. Unity 3D should be very similar, but it lacks some accessibility of its 2D brother.

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4 thoughts on “Talking Tux – showing what he can do for you

  1. Zdravim..

    Mne osobne sa tieto články o Linuxe velmi prijemne čítajú. Tiež som nevidiaci a tak trochu som mal obavy pred Linuxom. Teraz už viem, že určite si ho vyskúšam… S pozdravom Majo

    1. Peter Tesar

      Hello Vojta,

      In your post to the vinux-support, you ask if anyone would point out your mistakes.

      If no one has offered then I will do it for the Unity blog. I need to learn how to navigate the latest Vinux 4 with Unity. Your blog has proven helpful.

      I noticed some minor mistakes. These include missing definite articles, incorrect indefinite articles and incorrect verb tenses. These are easy to fix.

      I don’t want to duplicate the effort if someone else has offered.
      I would prefer one of two ways to get the changes to you.

      Presumably you have a text document that you can pass on to me as an attachment. Alternatively, I can copy your blog and paste it into my processor.

      I would then mark the suggested changes which you could look at. By looking at what you wrote (or left out) and the suggested change, it will help improve your English.

      You can contact me offline at:

      Peter Tesar

  2. vytvoření instalace na USB klíč (flashku

    Bylo by možné ukázat jak si může uživatel poradit s instalací ubuntu nebo Vinuxu na zařízení, které nemá optyckou mechaniku?

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