Moje fotka.

About me

So here you can learn something about me. My name is Vojta Polášek and I live in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in Czech Republic. I’m blind, but i could use my sight fairly well till I was 11, and I try to benefit from it as much as possible.

Currently, I’m studying IT security at Faculty of informatics, Masaryk university in Brno. I studied at grammar school in Slovakia. Here is the link, but the site is in slovak: gymnázium J. M. Hurbana vČadci.

I have lots of hobbies. For example computers – I’m interested in various areas of IT, but I haven’t decided what I actually want to do yet. At the current time, I’m highly interested in security and penetration testing and I try to produce some working software. You will find some here on my sites.

Oh, what is this? A strangely shaped box made of wood. Yes, piano. That’s my big hobby, in may 2010, I successfully graduated 2nd cycle of primary art school. I like playing piano very much and despite lack of time during last three years, I play quite often. If you’ll dig around here, you may be rewarded with some audio recordings:-)

And we are moving further. Reading, I love reading. I love books, because books offer you chance to imagine, to use your fantasy. In films, you can see real things. But in books it is something that isn’t clearly defined. And I think that’s good for us, because we can imagine things when they are described. Picture says nothing to us. Books let me „see“ things. I can’t write it better.

Working with young people – that’s my newest hobby. I’m member of O.s. Život trochu jinak (a little different life). The sites are in czech for now, but I’m thinking about translating them. I like to listen to people and I try to help them as much as I can. A lot of people helped me with my problems and it’s fair to return it to them.

I allso like learning languages and finding their peculiarities. For now, I’m aimed mainly at english, I allso learn french and I tried russian, german and esperanto.

My other hobbies are hiking, cycling (on tandem bicycle), playing chess and learning new and interesting things.

Contact information

You can contact me using e-mail as . I welcome comments, criticism, compliments… I welcome anything except for spam.