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Summer news

I have successfully passed my maturita exams, and this means that I have much more time for doing things, that I actually want to do. And I devoted some of my time to this web as well. I have replaced old player for my piano works with a new one, which is based on HTML 5 and should be more accessible for people with screenreaders. If your browser doesn’t support HTML 5, it switches to Silverlight or Flash. Please report any problems.

I have also fixed some problems with older posts, mainly broken playback of music and some misleading information, and I completed some translations into english language.

Stay tuned, because I want to add some more stuff here during summer. I want to write more about Linux for visually impaired. Some recordings of installation and usage of Ubuntu 12.04 will be placed here. This operating system looks very good. And I will try to enlarge my humble and small collection of piano works.

And we are online!

Ladies and gentlemen, once more I would like to welcome you on my sites. Why? Because today they left safe place of my computer and they could glimpse infinity of the internet and ofcourse, you can see them.

I hope that nothing terrible will hapen and I will be able to serve you fresh and interesting things from my life and much much more.

But i would like to ask you for something. I create this sites, but I can’t see actual result. I use screenreader to view and work with websites, and this point of view is totally different from seeing them on a monitor. Could you please post here a small comment, to express your opinions about visual and allso technical part of my sites? Thank you very much in advance and I wish you happy browsing.

The first post

Greetings, and welcome to my realm.
Maybe you are curious, and you think to you self “what will I discover here?”. That’s good, I like curious people quite alot.

So here you will find thoughts, opinions and experiences of one young blind man, and you will get a chance to observe the world from his point of view. You can expect something from computer world (not that site), music, events not only for disabled people and actually lots of things, that catches his white stick and remains in his head with brown hair.

I hope, that everybody will find here something new and interesting and that it will somehow enrich his day, and why not the whole life?

I wish you enjoyable staying here, cristal sound, clear image and interesting reading! See you in the next post.