United guards

The great moment has came – this is my first official software release. I have just released my first game called United guards – the name is subject to change. It is game for blind and visually impaired and doesn’t contain any graphics.

This is the first testing version, so I would like to offer it to you for testing. I want to test if the packaging system Pyinstaller which I am using is working well and if the game actually works. I would also appreciate if some Python developer would look on my poor code and give me some advice or suggestions.

i have prepared three versions for you – one for Windows, one for Linux and source codes. All information is contained in README file.

I welcome any feedback from you and I hope that this first release is not the last one.

Version 0.3.1 released on September 26 2012

This version adds local score.

See CHANGELOG file for detailed history.